For many homeowners, one question frequently pops up when it’s time to pressure wash their exteriors: “Should I hire a professional for the job, or can I handle it myself?” While DIY exterior cleaning is certainly an option with many home improvement stores offering pressure washing equipment for rent or sale, it’s not always the wisest direction to go in for several reasons. Read on for a look at the differences between residential and commercial pressure washing before you commit yourself to the job.

Not All Pressure Washers Are Created Equal:

The pressure washers you can rent or purchase from big box stores are not the same quality that professionals use. Professional-grade equipment is designed to run longer and operate at higher PSI’s, meaning that it will be better for large-scale cleaning projects or ones that involve more stubborn, caked-on buildups. While store-bought equipment works well for smaller projects, chances are it may fall short when it comes to big jobs like house washing or commercial cleaning.

It’s Safer To Leave Your Pressure Washing To The Pros:

While pressure washing seems straightforward and easy, the truth is that it can cause devastating injuries if you’re inexperienced with this type of work. Pressure washers expel water with enough force to degrade concrete, so it wouldn’t take much for their water spray to break through a person’s skin, muscle, or fatty tissue if you mishandle the equipment for even just a moment. Furthermore, many pressure washing services, like roof washing and gutter cleaning, take place at an elevated height. If you’re unaccustomed to working from heights, then DIY pressure washing could put you at risk for a nasty fall with a single misstep.

Don’t Expect The Same Results:

Thanks to experience and knowledge of appropriate pressure washing practices, it’s common for experts to deliver more thorough and satisfying results. The pros know how to reach every nook and cranny of your property to ensure that no grime or buildups remain when they’re finished. They also know the exact PSI and nozzles to use to accommodate every surface, which means that they won’t cause damage to any of your exteriors, but also won’t clean them ineffectively. At the end of the day, the results you get will be worth a professional’s fee as opposed to the results you’ll end up with if you leave the job to an amateur or attempt it on your own.

DIY Pressure Washing Means More Free Time Lost:

Jobs that take professionals just a few short hours to complete can rob the average person of a full day of downtime. Because professionals do this work every day, they’re usually much faster at getting it done. They’re also working with higher-powered equipment, which helps to speed up the process. They won’t make the same mistakes as an inexperienced pressure washer, and they won’t need any time to practice with the machinery before they start in on your exteriors. All of this culminates in one undeniable truth: you’ll be saving yourself lots of time by leaving your pressure washing to a professional.

Money Savings That Come With A Price:

The most common reason homeowners opt to do their own pressure washing is because they’re looking for a cheaper alternative to hiring a pro. While it’s true that going the DIY route may save you some money, it’s not necessarily guaranteed once you’ve bought all the equipment and chemicals you’ll need to get the job done. Furthermore, even if you do save some money, you could be sacrificing optimal results to do so. There’s no point in spending the time and putting in the effort to do your own pressure washing only to be disappointed if the results don’t live up to your expectation.
Ultimately, it’s your choice who you want doing your home’s exterior cleaning. However, it’s wise to bear in mind the ample benefits of hiring an expert before you make your decision. If you’ve made it to the end of this post and you’ve decided that DIY isn’t for you, then Surface Solutions is happy to take the task off your hands. Reach out to our team today for the finest professional pressure/soft washing in Maryland and let us give you the results you really want!

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