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When you need a superior expert in roof washing for your property, look no further than the crew at Surface Solutions LLC. We specialize in the delicate art of restoring your roof to its original condition by removing eyesores like algae, moss, lichens, surface stains, and more.

Prevent Damage

Routine roof washing goes a long way toward preventing the breakdown of your roofing materials. By keeping things like mold, algae, and debris buildup under control, you can help your roof achieve a long service life. You’ll also reduce the likelihood of gradual damage and the repair work that follows. Giving your roof the care it needs throughout the year will keep it in good condition and save you the hassle of damage to it.

Raise Curb Appeal

A clean roof is a significant contributor to good curb appeal, which is especially important if you’re planning to put your home on the market soon. A home with good curb appeal is much more attractive to prospective buyers and typically leads to higher offers. Even if you aren’t looking to sell any time soon, maintaining good curb appeal helps you take pride in your property and ensures that you stay in compliance if you’re in a neighborhood with an HOA. Keep your roof looking great and your home’s curb appeal at an all-time high with roof washing from Surface Solutions LLC.

Destroy Biological Growths

Your roof is no stranger to organic growths like mold and algae. These growths not only tarnish the appearance of your roof, but some of them will also slowly eat away at its material and cause preventable decay. Roof washing destroys mold and algae on contact so they can’t continue to spread and plague your roof. It also eliminates the unsightly stains and streaks that these elements cause on your roof’s surface. If you’re experiencing problems with biological growths on your roof, then our roof washing is the solution you need!

Prevent A Premature Replacement

A roof replacement is an expensive and stressful project that most homeowners want to put off for as long as possible. Roof washing is an effective way to help do just that. Cleaning services remove growths and buildups so they can’t continue to bog your roof down and disintegrate it.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners don’t realize how much the state of their roof affects their home’s energy use. A roof covered in dirt and grime buildup will soak up more heat from the sun and send it down into the interior of your home. Once there, this excess heat can make things uncomfortably warm for you and your family and usually results in higher air conditioning use. This not only prevents peak cooling efficiency but also drives up your utility costs each month. By investing in roof washing as needed, you can maintain comfort in your home more easily and save money throughout the year.

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