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Surface Solutions LLC is proud to be your top provider of exceptional concrete cleaning and sealing work in the Southern Maryland area. Concrete cleaning and sealing is the only way to preserve your home’s concrete hardscapes and keep them looking their best throughout the year. Whether it’s your driveway, patio, pool deck, or sidewalks, Surface Solutions LLC has you covered. Our pressure washing penetrates deep into the porous surface of your concrete to eliminate set-in stains and remove dirt and grime.

Ensure That Walking Surfaces Are Safe

Areas that see a lot of foot traffic can develop slippery and dangerous growths of mold and algae. Concrete cleaning effectively destroys these growths and prevents them from causing falls and injuries to those spending time on your property.

Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Keeping your home’s concrete fixtures clean and attractive is yet another way to preserve its curb appeal. Maintaining good curb appeal will attract serious buyers and higher offers if you decide to sell your house in the future. If you’re planning to stay put, then good curb appeal can still benefit you. Keeping your exteriors beautiful helps you stay in love with the look of your property and make all the neighbors take notice of its pristine appearance.

Slow Concrete Degradation

Routine concrete cleaning and sealing is the surest way to keep your concrete fixtures from disintegrating before their time. Cleaning eliminates dirt and grime buildup, animal waste, and organic growths that can wear down your concrete over time. Sealing offers an added layer of protection that reduces the effects of sun exposure, harsh weather, and other elements. Together the two give your concrete the ultimate protective combination that defends it against all the common threats. Help your concrete last as long as possible

The Benefits Of Concrete Sealing

Minimize sun fading. One of the biggest threats to your concrete is constant sun exposure. Harsh UV rays beating down on your hardscapes day after day will eventually lead to a faded and worn look that only subtracts from the beauty of your home. Concrete sealing reduces the impact of ultraviolet rays on your concrete so that it stays bright and beautiful!

Enhanced vibrancy. If your concrete looks dull and dreary, then concrete sealing is the solution you need. Sealant provides your concrete with a rich, glossy finish that instantly improves its color and brightness. After just one sealing service, your concrete fixtures will look newly installed again!
Seal out moisture. Sealant stops your concrete from absorbing water into its pores which is especially critical during winter when the moisture can freeze and expand. Frozen fluid expansion can easily wreck your concrete installations, so keeping out moisture is a major protective advantage of investing in sealing work.

Pool Deck Cleaning

Your pool deck serves as an outdoor entertainment spot that everyone loves spending time in during the summer, but only if it’s clean and free of unsightly grime and surface stains. Best Around Pressure Washing’s pool deck cleaning gets rid of these eyesores and returns your summer hangout to an idyllic place to soak up the sun and make memories with your favorite people. If your home’s pool deck needs a little extra care to look its best again, then don’t hesitate to contact our crew and learn more about our sensational pool deck cleaning.

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